Request to Minors

Thank you for supporting our content here at REALITY Studios.

Our content and the content provided on each of our platforms include not only free content but also paid content. Paid content includes merchandise sold by the Company (REALITY Studios, inc.) and various content provided on each platform (ie. “SuperChat” and “Membership” on YouTube, “Bits” and “Prime Gaming” on Twitch, “BOOST↑” on BOOTH, etc.).

When using such paid content, we ask that you observe the following rules to ensure the safety and security of yourself as well as others.

1. Obtain parental consent prior to the use of paid content

When using paid content, please consult with your parents or legal guardians and obtain their consent in advance.

2. Please confirm your payment method prior to spending

There are various payment methods provided by REALITY Studios as well as each platform for purchase and usage.

We highly recommend that you consult with your parents or legal guardians in advance regarding which payment method to use, even if it is money that you have at your disposal. In particular, please do not use a parent’s credit card without permission.

3. If you have purchased or used any product by mistake, please get in contact with a representative as soon as possible

If you have purchased or used our content by mistake, please contact a representative provided on the platform in which you made your payment. When accessing and using our content, please follow the instructions listed above and obtain the understanding of your parents or legal guardians in order to prevent any problems before they might occur.

4. Other

When accessing our content, please make sure to be mindful of the time spent and frequency of accessing the content so that it does not interfere with your daily life.

Thank you for your strong continued support of REALITY Studios. and our content.

Enacted August 25th, 2023